Our Equipment


QSC K12.2 2000-Watt Powered Speakers (x2)

These speakers might be small but don’t let that fool you! They pack a serious punch and sound great while doing it.

These are our main speakers for our “The Essentials Package”. These are typically used for small to medium sized venues.

Peavey PV-115D 400-Watt Powered Speakers (x2)

These speakers will get the party pumping!! These 2 Peavey Speakers push 400 Watts to a Titanium tweeter and 15” woofer!

These are our main speakers for our “The Advantage Package”, We will also use these as our main speakers in our “The Complete Package” if you have a larger venue.

Seismic Audio PWS 15″ Speakers (x2)

These speakers complement our Peavey Speakers!! These 2 Seismic Audio Speakers can run up to 600 Watts to a Titanium tweeter and 15” woofer!

These speakers are included as part of our “The Complete Package”.


Behringer B1500D-Pro 1400 Watt Sub-woofer (x1)

This big boy will get you shaking! This Behringer© Sub pushes 1500 peek to a 15” Sub

This is our main sub-woofer for “The Advantage Package”. This sub is also used together with our Seismic Audio Sub-woofer as part of our “The Complete Package”.

Baby Tremor 15-PW – Powered 15″ Pro Audio Sub-woofer (x1)

This baby brother to our other sub will get you shaking harder! This little brother pushes 600 Watts Peek to a 15” woofer!

This sub-woofer is used together with our main unit as part of our “The Complete Package”.


Our Standard Lighting Package:

(Demo Videos Open in new window)

Chauvet Scorpion Dual RGB Laser, View Demo

ADJ Micro Hypnotic, View Demo

ADJ Revo 4, View Demo

ADJ Red&Green Galaxian Laser

Eliminator Lighting Stealth Craze Moving Heads (x2), View Demo

Chauvet Mini Kinta IRC (x3), View Demo

42 Inch LED TV for Slideshows, Music Videos & Text/Pictures To Screen for selfies and song requests – ONLY INCLUDED IN “ADVANTAGE & COMPLETE PACKAGES”

We Do run a small amount of promotional material during events on this screen as well.