How do you handle pricing?2016-07-14T01:23:36-04:00

We believe in keeping things simple. The price we quote you on the phone or online is the price you’ll pay at the end of the night.

We do not add hidden charges!

Many DJs try to lure you in with a lower price then nickel and dime you with add-on charges. That’s simply not the way we do business.

What Are Your Technical Requirements?2016-10-25T03:24:08-04:00

We require an empty space, 2 electrical outlets (Preferred, 1 Acceptable), and an six foot table. That’s it.

In the past DJs required several seperate outlets. Today we only need one or two. All of our lights use low-power LED technology. That means there’s very little risk of us blowing a circuit breaker.

Generally we look for a 10′ x 10′ space to get everything set up in. If that’s not available we can make smaller spaces work. Every venue is different. We will make our system work with your venue!

Can I Rent Your Equipment?2017-04-15T03:48:26-04:00

No. Sorry. We don’t rent out our equipment to the public or to other DJs. If you want our sound and lighting, you have to hire us to DJ your event as well.

What Is Required To Book You?2017-04-15T03:50:04-04:00

We require a signed event agreement and a small non-refundable deposit to hold your date. We process deposits via credit card over the phone or via invoice with our online payment gateway.

The transaction is done instantly and securely. You’ll receive an email receipt within 30 seconds of payment.

The remaining balance is due on or before the event date. That payment can be made via cash or credit.

All major cards are accepted. We do not keep your number on file for security reasons.

Do You Offer Multimedia Video?2017-04-15T03:51:05-04:00

Yes! We get all the latest music videos and can show them for your guests to enjoy. We run a 40″ flat screen TV on our light truss to displays videos and slideshows during normal music.

We do custom edits to make sure they’re squeaky clean. You don’t have to worry about grandma or grandpa complaining about objectionable content.

We also offer custom slideshows! We’ll turn your pictures into a beautiful slideshow that can be displayed on the screen.

Can I Make Requests?2017-04-15T03:51:43-04:00

Definitely! Once you’ve booked us you’ll get access to our online client area. There you can search our online database of 160,000+ songs and tell us what you’re interested in hearing!

What If Something Happens To You And You Can’t Make It To My Event?2016-07-14T01:24:46-04:00

First off, we’re not going to cancel out unless there’s a true emergency. Things like hospitalization, death, critical illness, etc…

If that happens we will attempt to find a replacement for you, If we are unable to find a replacement you will receive a full refund of any payments made.

Will You Consume Alcohol At My Event?2016-07-14T01:24:51-04:00

No! No… Absolutely not.

This should go without saying, but some DJ’s do it anyway.

We’re here to serve you, not to get sloshed.

Will You Be The DJ At My Event?2016-10-25T03:24:08-04:00

Yes! We’re a small family owned business. The person you speak to on the phone (Tom or Brandan) will be both be on site to MC for the evening!

Tom Beaver will be your event coordinator and your main point of contact on the big day. This lets us focus on keeping the guests happy and engaged while constantly being available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Brandan Beaver is our sound specialist. His job is to make sure all of our electronic equipment performs flawlessly.

Can I Drop In And Watch One Of Your Other Events?2016-10-25T03:24:08-04:00

No. Sorry.

Nobody wants a bunch of strangers hanging out at their party. It’s their special day. They’ve partnered with us to make it special. They don’t want to be put on display as advertising.

How would you feel if it was your event? We want to help our customers have the night of their lives! The last thing we want to do is make them feel uncomfortable.

How Do You Keep Your Music Collection Updated?2019-02-17T14:16:12-05:00

We know you want all the hottest hits! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We work with companies who specialize in supplying professional DJs with music. Everything is fully licensed for usage at your event. None of our music is pirated.

Currently our media is supplied by BPM Supreme and Content Unlimited.

Another benefit is that we get all the latest tracks before they hit radio! If your favorite band just released a new song, we’ve probably got it!

Can My Guests Make Requests?2016-10-25T03:24:08-04:00

Yes, but we’ll use discretion. If you’ve specifically told us not to play hip-hop and someone requests a Kanye West track, we won’t play it.

Your requests override the requests of your guests. Our goal is to make the event special for YOU!

We offer a self service request kiosk for you and your guests to use, You can submit requests without even having to come up to the DJ table!

When Do I Need to Finalize My Music Requests and Event Details?2016-07-14T01:25:14-04:00

We ask that all song selections and event details be locked in with us no later than two weeks before.

We’ll do our best to accomodate last minute requests and changes if possible. Please understand that the closer we get to the big day the harder it will be to make changes!

Can I Make A List Of Songs I Don’t Want Played?2016-10-25T03:24:08-04:00

Absolutely! In our “client area” you’ll be able to search through our music database and add songs to your “do not play” list. You can also send us the list via email (musiclist@loudmouthdjs.com) if it’s more convenient.

What Will You Wear At My Event?2016-07-14T01:25:24-04:00

All of our staff members will be dressed in attire of your choosing.

It’s important for us to look good, and make your next event special.

When Will You Arrive For Setup?2016-07-14T01:25:32-04:00

You can expect us to arrive a minimum of one hours early to get everything set up. If the venue will allow it we’ll likely arrive earlier to allow time for unexpected circumstances.

We want to be ready to engage your guests the moment they walk through the door!

Do You Accept Outdoor Engagements?2016-07-15T19:16:52-04:00

We accept outdoor engagements from May 1st – September 30th.

All engagements scheduled from September 30th through May 1st must be held indoors. Facilities must be heated to at least 68 degrees.

You must have alternate rain plans in place. Shelter from the sun, wind, and rain must be provided for our equipment.

Will You Donate Your Services To My Charity / Non-Profit Event?2016-10-25T03:24:08-04:00

We’re bombarded with numerous requests for charitable donations every month. We’d love to help each of you. We really would!

There’s a few charities we do work with, but we have deep personal connections with their causes.

I’m really sorry, but chances are we won’t be able to help you.

How Far Do You Travel?2016-07-14T01:25:48-04:00

We serve the central Ohio area. If you live in within 50 miles of Marion, OH there is no travel costs. Outside of this distance there is a small travel fee to cover gas and wear on our vehicles.

Do You Take Any Breaks?2016-10-25T03:24:08-04:00

No, aside from the occasional bathroom break. That’s one of the advantages of hiring a DJ instead of a band. We don’t take breaks. One of our DJs will always be at the table to handle any issues or requests.

Do You Have Wireless Microphones Available?2016-07-14T01:26:00-04:00

Yes. We use GTD Wireless Microphone Systems. Your voice will be crystal clear from across the room.

Do You Offer A Light Show?2016-07-14T01:26:04-04:00

Yes, and it’s included in the cost of all our event package. When dance lighting is done well, it really adds to the atmosphere of your event!

Don’t See Your Question?2016-07-15T19:40:39-04:00

Fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP!