JammText: Interactive Text-to-Screen Experience

Welcome to the next level of event entertainment – our JammText service. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate function, or a school event, JammText offers a unique experience that connects the crowd with the DJs like never before.

What is JammText?

JammText is a revolutionary software that allows guests at your event to interact with our displays. It creates an immersive environment where your attendees can share their thoughts, wishes, and snapshots in real-time.


  • Instant Photo Sharing: Guests can take photos and selfies, then text them directly to our 42-inch TV. It’s a dynamic and digital way to capture memories.
  • Slideshow Display: Once approved, these photos run continuously in a slideshow format throughout the event, adding an interactive backdrop to the party.
  • Downloadable Memories: Post-event, we compile all the shared photos into an album, which is sent to the host within 7 days. A digital keepsake for you to cherish and share.
  • Screened for Quality: Our team manually approves each photo sent to ensure appropriateness and quality. Your event’s integrity is our top priority.

Benefits of JammText at Your Event

  1. Interactive Experience: It bridges the gap between the stage and the floor. Guests feel more involved and connected.
  2. Memory Creation: It captures candid moments that might not be caught by professional photographers.
  3. Customizable: Tailor the experience based on the theme or vibe of your event.

Safety and Moderation

We understand the importance of maintaining the decorum and ambiance of your event. Every image and message sent via JammText undergoes a manual screening process. We ensure that only appropriate content is displayed, maintaining a respectful and enjoyable environment for all.